A Hospital For Sinners, A Help For The Helpless and A Home For Your Family


Major Events

First Meeting February 9, 1969
Constitution and Bylaws Ratified April 5, 1970
Church Building Constructed 1969-1970
Parsonage Constructed 1975-1976

Names of the Church

Pinedale Chapel 1969
Pinedale Inter-Denominational Church 1970
Pinedale Bible Church 1973
Lighthouse Baptist Church 1983-Present


Emmett Dye 1969-1973
John Clenny (Interim) 1973
Steve Murell 1973-1974
Fred Boyett 1974-1984
Bobby Bridgeman 1984-1985
Wade Hooper 1985-1990
Vance Bowman 1991-1993
Gerald Taylor 1994-Present

Associate Pastor

Shaun Dunn 2010-Present

Wednesday Night Children’s Ministry

Kristin Taylor Dunn 1999-Present

Missions Program

1970-Present (see Lighthouse Missionary web page for latest listing)

Spanish Ministry

Marco Velarde 1998-1999
Melvin Purvis 2006-2013

Bus Ministry/Children’s Church

Gene and Ruth Gephart 1979
Ken and Karen Kimbrill 1980
Fred L. Boyett, Jr. 1982
Hubbard Smith 1982
Alan and Linda Blackmon 1983

Christian School

Pinedale Christian Academy 1979-1986